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Don't pay
over sticker price.

At Precision, we believe in fair and transparent pricing.

Every online checkout page shows our out-the-door pricing upfront. And despite inventory constraints, we’re one of the few dealerships around that does not mark up our vehicles over Toyota’s sticker price.

Expect the expected.

When you buy from us, you can expect a fair purchase. You won’t find any suspicious fees or surprise expenses here.

Below are the standard components of every Precision Toyota purchase or lease transaction:

Vehicle Price.

This is the bold price you see on every vehicle page.

Our new vehicle prices are based on the manufacturer's total suggested retail price (TSRP). Our used vehicle prices are based on region-wide sales figures and demand.

Backed by real market data, our prices allow for a fair, no-hassle shopping experience.

$499 Vehicle Protection Package.

Our Vehicle Protection Package is installed on every vehicle when it arrives at our dealership.

It includes tinted window film to shield your interior and deflect desert heat, door edge guards to protect your doors' edge paint, and door cup protectors to ward off common fingernail, ring, and keychain scratches in the door handle area.

These products are warrantied for the lifetime you own your vehicle. If they ever fail, simply bring your vehicle to us for a free repair.

This fee is non-negotiable and included on every vehicle except special orders when expressly declined.

$499 Documentation Fee.

The Documentation Fee covers costs we incurred that are separate from when we acquired your vehicle. This includes costs related to legal compliance, safety and consumer protection, anti-theft measures, vehicle history checks, notifications, certifications, and official filings.

The median documentation fee in Arizona is $499, which is exactly what you'll pay here at Precision.

This fee is non-negotiable and included on every vehicle transaction.

Accessories and Finance Products.

Accessories help personalize your vehicle and make it your own. Our curated set of finance products help safeguard your vehicle and protect you from unexpected costs.

If you agree to buy any accessories or finance products, these items will clearly labeled on your purchase order and added to your final sale price.

Kindly note: Special or limited edition Toyotas may require the purchase of certain products or accessories as clearly noted on the vehicle detail page.

Mandatory Tax, Title, & License Fees.

These fees are required by the state of Arizona. If you are registering your vehicle here, you will pay 8.7% transaction privilege tax on the vehicle’s selling price. If you have a trade-in, you will be taxed on the difference after the trade. Other standard costs include state license fees (AZ state PDF link), a registration fee of $8.25, a title fee of $5.50, postage of $3.25, and a tire tax of $5.00.

These fees are non-negotiable and included on every vehicle transaction.

Buying from out of state? Read about those fees here.

And that's it.

We encourage prospective customers to shop around. When final numbers are compared, we’re confident our price – and transparency – won’t be beaten.

We can’t wait to assist you.
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