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A collage of Precision Toyota employees smiling at work.

Rewarding careers begin at Precision.

At Precision Toyota of Tucson, our deep commitment to our guests reflects our deep dedication to our own team.


Through on-the-job learning, training, off-site workshops, and manufacturer-sponsored courses, our associates have the opportunity to advance professionally and develop personally, from onboarding to retirement.

Exterior view of dealership.
Vintage photos of the dealership.

Crafting tomorrow’s dealership experience today.

Our company handbook opens with a clear manifesto:

“One of the qualities we value most is honesty. The automotive industry has traditionally prioritized profit over trust. We think this is short-sighted and backward. We know that honesty fosters lasting relationships that can pay valuable dividends over time.”

Our mission is to challenge industry clichés and create the dealership of the future – one that radiates hospitality to our guests while our team works together with integrity, intelligence, and drive.


We firmly believe in the transformative power of these values to redefine the customer experience and business success in the automotive world.

State-of-the-art facilities. Top-notch benefits.

Beyond a fulfilling career and professional work environment, our team members enjoy many benefits, with new programs and perks added regularly.

To top it off, we get to work as a team in one of the country’s most impressive auto dealership facilities.


Employees during team building exercise.

Standard benefits include:
  • Company-subsidized health insurance, including Flexible Spending Accounts and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Vanguard 401(k) with company match
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • $15 minimum wage for all hourly workers
  • Short-term and long-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Plus unique benefits featured below…
  • Newborn baby's hand on top of parents' hands.

    Extended Paternity Leave
    Tenured team members enjoy up to four weeks of paid leave to spend with their newest family members.

    The first weeks of life are critical for newborns, so we’re thrilled to help foster this time of familial bonding for our Pretoy moms and dads alike.

  • Two people enjoying time outdoors.

    Ample Paid Time Off
    The longer you’ve worked on our team, the more paid time off (PTO) you earn — up to 23 days off each year.

    Take a vacation, a staycation, a sick day, or a personal day – you’ve earned it.

  • Woman petting happy dog.

    Charitable Giving Match + PTO
    When a Pretoy team member donates to one of fifty high-performing charities, Precision makes a matching donation of up to $500.

    In addition, our team members are granted special PTO hours each year to use for volunteering in our community.

  • Photo of our private lactation room.

    New parents, we’ve got you.
    Our secluded Lactation Room features comfortable seating, a work desk, and personal care items to assist team members who are lactating or breastfeeding their young ones.


We’ve got your (and your family’s) back.

The average U.S. auto dealership subsidizes around 50% of its employees’ monthly health insurance premiums. At Precision, we cover over 90% of our most popular health care plan’s premiums.


We also beat the industry average in subsidized coverage for individual employees and their families across the full spectrum of our health insurance options.

Chart showing Precision subsidizes 90% of heath premiums.
Seating area inside Team Member Quiet Lounge.

Om Sweet Om.

Our Quiet Lounge is one of our guests’ favorite amenities. Our team members have a Quiet Lounge all their own.


This employee-only, noise-free break room is filled with plants, peaceful music, private lounge chairs, yoga mats, and soft lighting to help us relax and recharge during the workday.


Investing in your future.

We invest in you for the long term, and you should be able to do the same. That’s why Precision Toyota proudly offers an exceptional retirement savings program.


Many employer retirement programs are filled with a poor selection of high-fee, actively-managed funds that limit your savings potential over time. But our 401(k) plan was inspired by the Thrift Savings Plan, the highly regarded retirement program for federal employees. This means our plan offers only low-fee, passively managed index funds from Vanguard.


What’s more, Precision will match a portion of your yearly contributions, helping you build a larger retirement nest egg over your career with us.

Person calculating retirement savings.
Collage of Precision's community involvement efforts.

Career-builder and Community-builder.

We love giving back to the community we’ve grown with over the past six decades. Our team happily extends aid, time, and expertise across various groups, from local leagues, to the University of Arizona, to national charities.


As a company, we take great pride in supporting organizations that promote health and wellness, assist children and families, and educate Southern Arizonans.


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Top-selling claim based on 2008-2023 retail sales figures for Toyota’s Denver Region and total retail sales figures for the Tucson New Car Dealers’ Association
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