Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Precision Price” mean?

Our vehicles’ Precision Prices are based on region-wide sales data and current customer demand. This approach allows us to quote prices that are always competitive and oftentimes lower than what’s currently on our website. Backed by real market data, our Precision Prices allow for a fair, no-hassle shopping experience.

How does Precision Toyota arrive at its prices for vehicles?

We use a “live-market” approach to price our inventory. This means that vehicles are priced according to the current market’s supply and demand – but our price will not exceed MSRP for new vehicles purchased from Our responsive, fair pricing model allows us to price our inventory competitively and make sure our deals are the best deals. You can see our final, out-the-door pricing on any vehicle’s checkout page right here at

How negotiable are your prices?

Our live-market pricing strategy takes pressure off of you and us to ensure our pricing is competitive before you even enter our showroom. If you ever believe our pricing is inconsistent with your own research, please bring that information with you upon your visit. We will be more than happy to review your information to make sure we’re offering a fair deal.

How much do you think my trade is worth?

We offer trade-in estimates online but need to see your car in-person to provide a definitive figure. Appraisals typically take only 20 minutes and are often done before you’re even back from a test drive. And there’s never any obligation to buy; in fact, we’ll offer to buy your vehicle from you even if you don’t buy one from us.

What kind of interest rate will your dealership offer me?

Many new Toyota vehicles offer special financing incentives to qualified buyers.  In most cases, those who qualify and wish to finance choose one of Toyota’s special programs. Should the vehicle you decide to purchase not include such finance programs, we use many competing lenders who are eager to earn your business and offer competitive interest rates. To get an idea of what type of rates you might qualify for, please click here to complete our online credit application.

If I receive a price quote from you will it change once I arrive at your dealership?

No. The price quote we provide you is a real price on a real car you can really buy.

Does your quote include rebates and/or other incentives that most people do not qualify for to lure me in?

No, our dealership prides itself on transparency. We are committed to informing you of any and all programs available to help you save money. Our price quotes do not include limited programs such as Toyota’s College Grad Rebate that only some people qualify for. We will be happy to help you apply for any eligible special rebates here at the dealership.

Will the price be lower if I pay cash?

No, whether you decide to pay with cash or finance your vehicle price will affect the vehicle’s price.  We do not believe an individual’s payment method should influence the selling price.

Beyond the vehicle selling price, what other costs are associated with a purchase at Precision Toyota of Tucson?

If you are an Arizona resident and intend to register your vehicle in Arizona, you will pay 8.70% city / state / county transaction privilege tax on the vehicle’s selling price. Should you have a trade-in, you will be taxed on the difference after trade. [For example, if the vehicle’s selling price is $20,000 and your trade-in value is $5,000, you will pay $1,305 ($15,000 x 8.70%) in privilege tax.] Other costs include License fees (1.68% of vehicle base price for new vehicles), Vehicle Protection Package fee of $499 (which includes tinted window film, door edge guards, and door cup guards), Documentation Service fee of $499, Registration fee of $8.25, Title fee of $5.50, Postage of $3.25, and Tire Tax of $5.00. For the most up-to-date cost information, please contact the dealership.

I am a resident in another state. Can you sell a vehicle to me? How do taxes work?

Yes, we sell many vehicles to out-of-state shoppers and are experts in the process. Vehicle purchases are taxed at the state, county, and city levels. Arizona calls these purchase taxes “privilege taxes.”

For state privilege taxes, Arizona has a reciprocal tax agreement with most but not all states. This means we collect the appropriate state taxes for your deal based on your zip code and then send them to your tax state’s tax authority. In the rare event that we collect too much tax (for example, if a customer gives us an incorrect zip code), we refund that amount to the customer.

County and city privilege taxes total 3.1%. All buyers, regardless of their location, must pay these taxes if visiting us in person or taking physical delivery of their vehicle at our dealership in Tucson. If your purchase is fully remote and we ship the vehicle to you, these taxes are not paid. Many buyers choose to pay these taxes because our vehicle base prices are much lower than other dealers, meaning that the customer ultimately comes out ahead in total cost.

All dealers in Arizona must follow these rules to comply with the Arizona Department of Revenue. Those who tell you otherwise may not be as familiar with the proper processes as we are here at Precision.

We are here to make out-of-state purchases easy for you and are happy to answer any additional questions about this process. For further out-of-state tax information, please visit this Arizona Department of Revenue page.

If I didn’t buy my vehicle at your dealership will I be treated any different than someone who did when I visit for Service?

On the contrary, we can’t wait to welcome you! We’re confident that after visiting our award-winning Toyota Service Center — one of the most comprehensive in Arizona — you won’t want to maintain your car anywhere else.

Where can I download this year’s Fuel Economy Guide?

You may download the Fuel Economy Guide from the government’s fuel economy website here. This version is updated periodically with newly released models and up-to-date fuel cost estimates.

What do you mean when you say you’re the top-selling Toyota dealer in Tucson?

This claim is based on 2008-2021 retail sales figures for Toyota’s Denver Region and total retail sales figures for the Tucson New Car Dealers’ Association.

Why do more Tucsonans buy new vehicles from Precision than from any other dealer?

We’ve built our business on providing our customers with unparalleled care for over 65 years. As a result, much of our business comes by way of repeat and referral customers who appreciate our no-hassle approach and longtime involvement in the community. Our dealership is also fortunate to be in a position where we do not need to spend large amounts of money on advertising. Each month, we aim to sell a high volume of vehicles at fair prices, versus a lower volume of vehicles at higher prices.