2015 Toyota Corolla vs. 2015 Honda Civic

2015 Toyota Corolla

2015 Toyota Corolla

2015 Honda Civic Sedan

2015 Honda Civic

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Sedans are beloved for their great fuel economy and easy maneuverability. Two of the most popular examples in this competitive segment are the 2015 Toyota Corolla and 2015 Honda Civic, but which is truly the better vehicle? We compared the 2015 Toyota Corolla L and the 2015 Honda Civic LX to determine which sedan has the edge. Read on for our discussion!

Safety and Warranty

The Corolla and Civic both feature basics like airbags, front-wheel drive, electronic stability systems, and four-wheel antilock brakes. However, the Corolla excelled in the NHTSA front crash test. While the Civic earned a respectable 4 stars, the Corolla earned a perfect 5 star rating. Toyota also offers a generous warranty plan that includes 2 years and 25,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance. This includes free oil changes, lubrication, and other routine maintenance. Honda does not offer this warranty.

Passenger and Cargo Space

The Corolla is a larger and more spacious vehicle. The Corolla is a mid-size sedan with 2.9 cubic feet of additional passenger volume compared to the compact Civic. The Corolla also offers over 5 inches of additional rear legroom for fantastic passenger relaxation. In addition to the larger passenger space, the Corolla also includes more space for cargo. The Corolla comes equipped with versatile split folding rear seats to accommodate bulkier cargo items. The Civic’s rear seats aren’t split, so longer cargo items may not fit. The Corolla also has a 13 cubic foot trunk while the Civic’s trunk is 0.5 cubic feet smaller.

Performance and Handling

When it comes to performance and handling, the Corolla’s road performance is more enjoyable due to several factors. The Civic utilizes a five-speed manual transmission, while the Corolla’s six-speed manual offers a quieter ride. In a study by Motor Trend, the Corolla stopped from 60 to 0 mpg in 118 feet. The Civic stopped in 133 feet, 15 feet later. Finally, the Corolla has a longer wheelbase by 1.2 inches. This increases stability and smoothness for a plusher road feel.

Test Drive a Sedan Today

The winner of our analysis is the 2015 Toyota Corolla, winning every category against the 2015 Honda Civic. This efficient and reliable sedan is the perfect choice for any driver. Test drive this winner at Precision Toyota at 700 W. Wetmore at Auto Mall Drive in Tucson. You can also contact us online for more information at any time.

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