2015 Toyota Venza vs. 2015 Ford Edge

2015 Toyota Venza

2015 Toyota Venza

2015 Ford Edge

2015 Ford Edge

Both the 2015 Toyota Venza and the 2015 Ford Edge are quality crossover vehicles that allow for easy transport of passengers and cargo, but which of these respected, reliable vehicles has the upper hand? Find out more about exactly how the design and inner workings of these two base model vehicles differ.

Top-Notch Safety and Warranties

Both the Venza and Edge have a wealth of tested safety technologies, like a full airbag system, height adjustable seatbelts with pretensioners, traction and electronic stability control, daytime running lights, rearview cameras, and rear parking sensors. The Venza adds in active headrests, which are designed to protect the front passengers from whiplash during a crash. Safety can also be bolstered with regular scheduled maintenance. Toyota includes 2 years or 25,000 miles worth of scheduled maintenance at no cost, an extra that Ford does not include.

Fuel Efficiency

To get the best bang for your buck when it comes to fuel, start with more affordable fuel, then seek better mileage. The Venza gets the boost over the Edge by doing just that. Instead of running optimally on premium gasoline like the Edge with a 2.0 turbo engine, the Venza is designed to get maximum performance on regular unleaded. The Venza gets an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 19 city/26 highway on the FWD model with a V6 engine, while the AWD model gets 18 city/25 highway. The Edge falls short with an EPA-estimated 18 city/26 highway on the FWD models and 17 city/25 highway on the AWD models.

Ergonomics and Design

Great design inside the cabin can be all the difference between loving and loathing your new vehicle. While both vehicles offer smart design, there are a few elements on the Venza that might appeal to you as a driver a bit more:

  • On the Venza, dual zone air conditioning and heated mirrors come standard. To get these valuable features on the Edge, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the top-tier trims.
  • The Venza offers one-touch power on every window, instead of just the front windows, like the Edge.
  • The Venza includes a locking fuel door, which prevents vandalism. The Edge does not offer this feature.

Try the Mighty Venza Now!

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