Consumer Alert: Beware of Fraudulent Mystery Shopping Offers

September 18, 2023

It has come to our attention that scammers are sending out fake checks purportedly from our company, inviting recipients to participate in a “mystery shopping” or “brand audit” experience at our establishment.

Details of the Fraudulent Scheme

Individuals receive unsolicited checks accompanied by instructions to deposit the check and use the funds to evaluate our services as mystery shoppers. The check looks like it comes from a local business — Precision Toyota, in this case — but it is actually counterfeit. The fraudsters then instruct these individuals to send a portion of the funds back, typically through a wire transfer or similar service, keeping any real funds sent by their victims. This scheme is a known approach used by mail and check fraudsters.

Our Stance

We are not associated with this scheme in any way. We have not authorized any mystery shopping initiatives involving the distribution of checks to individuals. The checks being sent out are fraudulent and should not be deposited.

Actions Taken

We have reported this scheme to federal authorities, who are actively investigating the matter.

Protect Yourself

If you receive a check or any communication regarding this fraudulent mystery shopping offer, we urge you to:

  1. Do not deposit the check – it is not valid.
  2. Report the incident – contact your local police department and file a report with the FTC.
  3. Preserve the evidence – keep the check and any accompanying materials for potential use in the ongoing investigation.

We appreciate your vigilance and cooperation as we work to resolve this issue. Thank you for your continued trust and support.


Your Precision Family