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Regular maintenance and oil changes provide protection for yourself, your loved ones, and your investment. That’s why our certified technicians use only genuine Toyota parts and approved fluids when we perform any type of maintenance. Call us today at 520-795-5565 to book your appointment.

For oil changes, we use Genuine Toyota Motor Oil and Genuine Toyota Oil Filters that are specially formulated to keep your Toyota running at peak performance. If your Toyota is due for an oil change, schedule an appointment with our Toyota Service Center today!


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Do I Have An Oil Problem?

Are there oil stains under your car??
If you see oil stains on your garage floor or in your driveway, you could have an oil leak. Oil leaks happen because as cars get older, the gaskets and seals begin to break down and the internal engine pressure can push oil through cracks or gaps in these seals. Common areas for oil to leak can include the Valve Cover Gasket(s), Oil Pan Gasket, or even the Oil Pan Drain Plug (or “Oil Plug”).

If ignored, a small leak could quickly become a large problem and damage the engine due to low oil pressure. If you think you may have an oil leak, bring your car in today and let one of our certified technicians diagnose the source and provide you with the best options for repairing your oil leak.

Did your Low Oil Pressure / Oil Level Light Come On?
Low oil pressure or low oil level can be a serious problem for your car. Your engine needs to have the right amount of oil in order to stay properly lubricated or you risk permanent engine damage from increased friction. Low oil pressure can be caused by the oil level being too low or by a malfunction with the oil pump or engine itself. If your dashboard Oil Light has come on after starting the car and stays on, or if the light comes on while the engine is running (even if it goes off quickly), this could mean that your car needs immediate attention.

What Makes Synthetic Oil Different?

Fuel Economy
Treating your Toyota to synthetic oil changes will improve its performance and help avoid costly repairs. Our synthetic oil can help improve your Toyota’s fuel economy by half a mile per gallon of gasoline, which adds up over time. For instance, a vehicle that normally achieves 20 MPG can save up to $36 after 10,000 miles (assuming gas costs $3.00/gallon). With that extra $36 in your pocket, you could treat your Toyota to a synthetic oil change for no extra cost and enjoy the benefits that it offers!
Today’s advanced engines require more advanced care to operate at their optimum capacity. Many new Toyotas have been certified for a new “zero weight synthetic lubrication” standard called SAE 0W-20. By choosing to equip your Toyota with our low-viscosity 0W-20 oil, you can expect better engine performance, improved fuel economy, and reduced engine deposits from your Toyota. And thanks to the uniform lubrication and reduced friction of our oil, your engine will be better protected, operate better in extreme conditions, and need oil changes less often.
Cost Effectiveness
From a quick glance, synthetic oil changes are simply more expensive, but what makes the difference? Synthetic oil changes can typically run $20 to $30 more than a conventional oil change, but in the long run, they can actually save you money.Toyota-Motor-Oil-and-Filter
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