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Our Toyota Tire Center offers a full lineup of Toyota-approved tires. You can get exact replacements for your original tires at a competitive price, then have them mounted and balanced by our Toyota technicians. Call us today at 520-795-5565 to book your appointment.

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A Vast Selection

No one knows how to care for your Toyota better than our team at Precision Toyota. We stock a giant selection of Toyota-recommended tires to help ensure you a safe, comfortable ride. Whether you require Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, Bridgestone or another tire brand, you can trust that our lineup of approved brands will deliver you the best driving experience.

Toyota’s Stamp of Approval

Toyota performs exhaustive tests to determine which tires are best suited for each vehicle. From Yaris to Tundra, your tires were selected to provide superior performance, comfort, and safety. And when it comes to parts, including tires, our certified technicians understand that the right components provide superb performance and handling.

Own a Scion? Your Scion will receive proper care by trained technicians using Genuine Toyota Parts.

Performance, Comfort and Safety

Our competitively-priced tires are selected to provide an exceptional driving experience – superior handling in wet or dry conditions, stability, long tread life, low acoustics, plus high comfort and rolling resistance, which affects fuel economy.Knowing when to replace aging tires is just as important as selecting the right ones. Our Service Center team will inspect your tires free of charge and let you know when you should consider replacement. For more on how tire wear affects safety, check out this video:

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