Toyota Mobility

Supporting the mobility needs of our Toyota customers.


Precision Toyota is a Certified Toyota Mobility Dealer, meaning we’ve made a special commitment to serve our customers with mobility issues and special needs. This includes:

  • A trained Mobility Champion at our dealership who will work with a mobility equipment dealer partner to supply the correct transportation solution.
  • A partnership with a mobility equipment dealer who is a specialist at understanding mobility issues and the appropriate adaptive equipment available to meet the transportation needs of persons with a disability.
  • We offer extended term mobility financing from Toyota Financial Services for purchases of both a new vehicle and the adaptive equipment required.

Additionally, Toyota Motor Sales will provide a reimbursement of up to $1,000 to each eligible, original retail customer for the exact cost they paid to purchase and install qualifying adaptive driving or passenger equipment for transporting persons with physical disabilities. This offer applies to all purchased or leased1 new Toyota or Scion vehicles.

For more details, please give us a call, send us a message, or visit For your convenience, you may download the following Toyota Mobility PDFs here:

Toyota Mobility FAQs

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What is Toyota Mobility?

?Toyota Mobility is a program designed to address the transportation needs of people who have a disability or who have a family member with a mobility issue. The program provides both financial assistance and a variety of mobility solutions to meet your needs. Financial assistance includes customer cash assistance up to $1,000 to supplement the cost of required adaptive equipment and extended-term financing up to 96 months for the vehicle and adaptive equipment through Toyota Financial Services. Toyota Mobility solutions fall into three main categories: Factory installed Sienna Auto Access Seat, Wheelchair accessible Sienna Rampvans, and other adaptive mobility equipment which can be installed on other Toyota Cars, SUVs, and Trucks.

Who has access to Toyota Mobility?

?Customers may visit any one of our over 1200+ Toyota dealers in the continental USA (including Alaska) for more information on Toyota Mobility. Toyota Mobility assistance is provided to any original purchaser or lessee of any new Toyota vehicle and applies to adaptive mobility equipment purchased within the first 12 months of the customer’s vehicle delivery date.

What equipment will I need and where do I get assistance?

?Toyota Mobility solutions are customized to meet your individual needs. When it comes to mobility solutions, one size does not fit all. Your Toyota dealer can explain options and refer you to their mobility dealer partner if you already know what equipment you may need. If you are unaware of the specific equipment needed, Toyota Mobility recommends that you contact a driver assessment specialist in your area to identify the adaptive equipment best suited to meet your individual needs.

What types of adaptive equipment can I obtain reimbursement for?

?Please refer to page 3 of the Toyota Mobility Reimbursement Application Form

Can I get assistance for financing my mobility equipment?

?Yes, assistance is available through Toyota Financial Services and participating Toyota dealers upon credit approval. Toyota Financial Services provides flexible, extended-term financing for persons with physical disabilities, or their families, for purchasing a new Toyota vehicle with the installed adaptive equipment (including installation costs). Please contact your local Toyota dealer for details.

Where do I get a reimbursement application form?

?In addition to the printable PDF version of the Toyota Mobility Reimbursement Application Form on this website, forms are also available at the dealership or upon request by calling the Toyota Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-331-4331. You can also contact Toyota directly at

What are the time limits for applying for a reimbursement?

The original vehicle purchaser must apply for reimbursements within 90 days of the completion of the adaptive equipment installation. Equipment installations must be completed within 12 months of the new Toyota vehicle delivery date.

How long will it take for me to receive my reimbursement?

?Payment to the individual Mobility Assistance Program customer will be mailed within 6-8 weeks after receipt of an approved reimbursement application form and all required documentation. Customers purchasing the Sienna with Auto Access Seat or the Sienna Rampvan do not need to submit an application and will receive their reimbursement automatically within 4-6 weeks after purchase.

Do reimbursements apply to used or fleet vehicles?

?No. This program applies only to the original purchaser of an eligible new Toyota vehicle sold or leased on a retail basis by an authorized Toyota dealer.

Are factory installed optional equipment or Toyota Accessories eligible for reimbursement?

?No. Excluding the Sienna Auto Access Seat models, factory installed optional equipment and/or Toyota Accessories are not eligible for reimbursement under the Toyota Mobility Assistance Program.

Do reimbursements apply to leased vehicles?

?Usually. Reimbursements can apply to leased vehicles when a written letter of authorization for the installation of adaptive equipment is obtained from the lessor is submitted with the Reimbursement Application Form. Please note: Not all leasing companies will approve the installation of adaptive equipment, so be sure to check and obtain written approval first. Toyota Financial Services (TFS) will approve only the following types of adaptive equipment on a TFS leased vehicle:

  • Hand controls
  • Left foot accelerator
  • Wheelchair/scooter lift
  • Turning automotive seating

Please contact the Toyota Financial Services’ Customer Service Center at (800) 874-8822 for written approval.

Can a reimbursement be applied to the purchase or lease price of a new vehicle?

?No. Reimbursements are made only to the customer after the adaptive equipment is installed and paid for.

What is the address and phone number for the Toyota Mobility Program?

?Toyota Customer Experience Center
Mail Drop WC10
19001 South Western Avenue
Torrance, CA 90509 – 2714
(800) 331-4331 or (800) 443-4999 – TTY

What will the Auto Access Seat option cost?

?MSRP for the Auto Access Seat is included in the Sienna model price and includes the Delivery, Processing and Handling Fee. Retail buyers will also receive the Toyota Mobility Customer Assistance Reimbursement of $1,000.

Will the Auto Access Seat be available at all Toyota dealers?

?The Auto Access Seat will be available via dealer special order at all 1200+ Toyota dealerships.

Will the Auto Access Seat be a special order only, or will there some on dealership lots?

?While some dealers may have a Sienna with Auto Access Seat in inventory, Siennas equipped with the Auto Access Seat will typically be available via dealer special order.

Has the Auto Access Seat been a factory-installed option in other parts of the world?

?Toyota performs the factory installation of the Auto Access Seat for the Japan domestic market on the Alphard mini-van sold in Japan. No other Toyota factories except those in Japan and TMMI (Indiana) currently perform factory installations.

How many Auto Access Seat Siennas do you expect to sell in a year?

?We have forecasted between 200-300 unit sales, however we can build more if demand increases.

Will you have any special incentives, etc., for disabled veterans?

?The Auto Access Seat is competitively priced for the market by Toyota and customers will also receive $1,000 Toyota Mobility Customer Assistance. Furthermore, the Auto Access Seat may be eligible for other incentives provided by State and Federal programs made available to disabled veterans.

Can buyers finance the Auto Access Seat at the dealership?

?Yes, financing will be available through Toyota Financial Services as well as other automotive financing sources.

Why is the Auto Access Seat only available on the LE and XLE grades?

?The Auto Access Seat is made available on LE and XLE grades since they are our most popular volume grades on the Sienna. The LE and XLE grades provide customers with a choice of appointments and features that best meet their needs.

Will it be available on the All-Wheel Drive LE and XLE?

Currently there are no plans to expand the AAS to any other grade other than the LE and XLE grades. However, pleae note that this may change based on demand and customer feedback.

Are mobility ramp vans available at Toyota Dealerships?

Mobility ramp vans are sold through separate mobility dealers but Toyota has partnerships with ?BraunAbility and Vantage Mobility International (VMI). Your local Toyota dealer will be able to assist in the purchase process by referring you to a mobility partner in your area.

1: Leased vehicles require advance written lessor approval of adaptive equipment installations.