Finance Products

Our Finance Department offers many products that add value to your vehicle and enhance the ownership experience. These products are available a la carte or can be bundled into comprehensive protection packages for added savings.

While we typically offer these products during the vehicle delivery process, many can be purchased during ownership. Please contact our Finance team at (520) 795-5565 for details about any item.

Available Products

Vehicle Service Agreements

A Vehicle Service Agreement (VSA) offers uninterrupted, nationwide coverage of your vehicle’s mechanical, electrical, and computer components after your basic factory warranty expires. These plans protect you against the rising cost of parts and labor. They also provide towing, substitute transportation, and travel protection should the unexpected happen when you’re away from home. And when you’re ready to sell your new car, the agreement is transferable from you to a subsequent owner.

Vehicle Service Agreements are available in various coverage levels and terms. They are offered for New Toyotas, Toyota Certified Used Vehicles, and standard pre-owned vehicles.

GAP Protection

In the event of a total loss due to theft, collision, or natural disaster, GAP Protection guards you from an unexpected financial obligation by covering the difference between your vehicle’s market value and the balance due on your loan contract or lease agreement. It also pays your insurance deductible up to $1,000.

SkyLink Protect

Turn your vehicle into a Connected Vehicle with SkyLink, the leader in vehicle theft protection with GPS tracking. Once your car is connected to the SkyLink service and the app is downloaded to your smartphone, you’ll enjoy:

  • 24/7 Vehicle Location – The SkyLink service is always-on, providing quick access to vehicle location through the mobile app so that you know where your car and family is at all times.
  • Theft Recovery – SkyLink immediately locates your vehicle in the event that it is stolen, and can even alert local police authorities. With this feature, the average recovery time of a stolen vehicle is 26 minutes!
  • Smart Alerts – SkyLink provides notifications for several driving features, including a geofencing feature – allowing users to mark a geographic boundary around any region and then receive an alert if the car crosses that boundary. Alerts can also be set for specific speed limits, or maintenance concerns such as low car battery.
  • Insurance Discounts – Users can save up to 25% on insurance premiums that offer discounts for cars with theft recovery devices installed.

Finishing Touch

Our Finishing Touch product helps maintain your new car’s value and appearance. Exterior paint and interior surface protection is guaranteed, or the damaged area will be repaired at no cost to you.

Theft Code

Theft Code includes window etching with a personalized ID. This process deters professional theft, and pays the registered owner up to $2,500 if the stolen vehicle is not recovered.

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Disclaimer: Finance product offerings and descriptions are subject to change. Please contact the dealership for the latest information.